We’d love to help you find the best talent with ExpHire and we are currently able to do it in 11 areas of expertise:

  • Marketing
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Product and Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Data and Analytics
  • Customer Success and Support
  • Business and Strategy Management
  • Creative and Design
  • Social, Content and Editorial
  • IT, Systems and Cloud

Our network of technical Experts is qualified to fill a variety of roles in these areas of expertise.

We have qualified psychologists to evaluate candidates behavioral and soft skills across all the roles.

For each role we have Experts ready to evaluate candidates of different seniorities: Specialist, Manager, Lead, Head of, Director, up to VP level.

So for example if in the list of roles below you read ‘Marketing manager’ it means that we can help you hire a Marketing Specialist, a Marketing Manager, a Marketing Lead, an Head of Marketing, a Marketing Director and a VP of Marketing.

Here’s a list of the roles our Experts can help you find the best talents for.


Marketing manager,  Growth manager, Growth hacker, CRM manager, Retention manager, Marketing automation manager, Performance marketing specialist, Paid acquisition manager, Digital marketer, Marketing expert, Marketing coordinator, Lead generation manager, ASO expert, Technical SEO manager, App marketing manager, Programmatic manager, AD trafficker, Product marketing manager, SEM manager, SEA manager, Influencer marketing manager, Brand manager, Offline marketing manager, Online marketing manager, Media buyer, Media planner, Marketing strategy manager and others in the marketing field.

Sales and Business Development

Digital sales manager, Sales manager, Business developer, Partnership manager, Commercial manager, Sales account, Area manager, Key account manager, Regional sales manager and others in this area.

Product and Project Management

Product manager, Project manager, Product owner, Agile expert, Technical product manager, Scrum master, Program manager, Delivery manager and others in this field.

Software Development

Frontend developer, Backend developer, Full stack developer, Mobile developer, iOS developer, Android developer, Web developer, DevOps manager, ERP developer, Games developer, Unity developer, Software analyst, Software architect, E-commerce developer, WordPress developer, QA manager, Magento developer, Angular developer, JavaScript developer, Java developer, Software engineer, React developer and other similar roles in this field.

Software Quality Assurance
QA tester, Performance tester, Test Automation engineer, Test manager, QA engineer and others in this field.
Data and Analytics

Data engineer, Analytics manager, Marketing analytics manager, BI manager, AI manager, Machine learning manager, Data scientist, Game economy manager, Big data manager, Data analyst and others in this field.

Customer Success and Support

Customer success manager, Customer support manager, Account manager, Partner success manager, Onboarding manager, After sales manager, Sales support manager, Customer satisfaction manager, Key account manager and more in this field.

Business and Strategy Management

Digital analyst, Strategy manager, Business analyst,  E-commerce manager, Country manager, Business manager, Business unit manager, Head of digital, Strategy officer and other roles in this field.

Creative and Design

Creative director, Web designer, Communication designer, UI and UX manager, Product designer, Video editor, Content producer, Game designer, Visual designer, Interaction designer and other similar roles in this field.

Social, Content and Editorial

Seo manager, Editor, Content writer, Journalist, Blogger, Copywriter, Social media manager, Content manager, Producer, Community manager, Content moderator, Technical writer, PR manager, Corporate communication manager, External communication manager, Brand ambassador, Programming manager, Online merchandiser, Editorial manager, Scheduler and others in this field.

IT, Systems and Cloud

Database admin, System admin, System engineer, Network and security admin, Data protection manager, Cloud manager, Network architect, DevOps manager, Data security officer, IT support manager and others in this field.

The roles above are just examples, but we can help you with many more, just get in touch with us to see how we can help. 

If you are looking for roles in other areas of expertise (like legal, finance and others) we can discuss about it, but we can’t guarantee you we will be able to help and we will have to agree on custom prices.