Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Opportunity to Try New Softwares and Services

Black friday exphire promotion

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For some years now, the practice of dedicating Black Friday (the Friday following Thanksgiving) and Cyber Monday (the Monday that follows) to shopping in the run-up to Christmas has also been introduced outside the United States.
It all began in 1924, the day after Thanksgiving, the Macy’s retail chain organized the first parade to celebrate the start of Christmas shopping, but starting in the 1980s Black Friday began to spread, first in the United States and then in other countries as well. Today it is a universally popular event, thanks to ecommerce, which has developed since the second half of the 1990s and especially thanks to Amazon.
Cyber Monday, on the other hand, has established itself more recently and is dedicated to large discounts related mainly to technology and consumer electronics products.

What not everyone knows is that these two events, in recent years, are not only dedicated to end consumers, but have also become a great opportunity for companies, especially start-ups and scale-ups with discounts and promotions dedicated to both download and SAAS-type services and software.

In fact, in the last 10 years, there has been an established practice by large companies as well as tech startups to offer major discounts on their products for a limited period of time.
Promotions are a great opportunity for companies like yours to try out new services by benefiting from extended trial periods, taking advantage of so-called lifetime deals (pay once and use the service forever) or discounts on the price of digital products and services that can be as much as 90 percent off the full price.
Start-ups, in particular, can take advantage of these promotions to try out services they would not normally be able to purchase and thereby gain a competitive advantage and the ability to grow their business faster.


Locating and navigating these promotions and discounts is not easy, keeping track of all the companies that offer one-time opportunities takes time and dedication, but fortunately there are some companies that help you in this process. These companies have decided to curate lists that are continually updated with the best discounts and services and that you will find year after year featured on a dedicated page. I want to mention two that we also use at ExpHire and that stand out for their quality, impartiality, and continuous and detailed real-time updating.
The first is curated by User Guiding and you can find it at this link  contains an easy to read and searchable list with all the best deals. You can easily get to the websites of the listed partners, figure out what service they offer, what kind of deal they have going on, and what code, if any, is needed to get that deal. Among the deals they offer is the product developed by User Guding: a tool that simplifies the creation of onboarding processes for your digital services and products.


The second list I want to tell you about is curated by Engagespot and can be found at this web page
Again you will find a curated list with all the discounts offered by partner companies and easily searchable using filters. Need a discount mail marketing tool? Just activate the dedicated filter and find all the discounts available in this category of services!
Engagespot also offers a discount for its services that help you easily and quickly integrate messaging services such as in app messages, email and push notifications into your digital product.


Both lists also host ExpHire’s Black Friday promotion that allows all those who simply book a free fact-finding call with us by 11/30/2020 (the call can take place before the end of the year) to get major discounts on our services up to a maximum of €1500. Check out the details of the ExpHire promotion in the cost table on this page.


Let the hunt for discounts begin!

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