ExpHire Recruitment Tools

ExpHire Recruitment Canvas: How to Start a Recruiting Process the Right Way

The Recruitment Canvas, a single page document with the reasons for opening a search, the characteristics of the role, the steps of the process, and the expected results.

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Recruitment for Start-ups Recruitment Tips

How to Hire for Startup After Funding (and Not Regret It)

Introduction: Hiring after VC Funding You have just received a funding round for your startup.

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Recruitment Tips Smart Headhunters

Headhunters Can Survive the Recruitment Evolution (5 Problems 5 Solutions)

Client companies, internal recruiters, hiring managers and candidates complain about headhunters for different reasons, with this guide we want to give you concrete help to rehabilitate and revive your professional figure and your business.

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Why Choose Us

Hire with Experts Help

We use only verified and vetted Experts with at least 5+ years of experience in the field you are hiring (hard skills) and occupational psychologists.

Unbiased Experts

Our Experts are completely unbiased and impartial, they have no interest in favoring a candidate over another. They evaluate on the basis of merits.

Candidates Love Us

Great experience for candidates, who like to talk to someone who speaks their language (hard skills). Experts arrange interviews outside office hours.

Do Less Work

We reduce the workload of the internal HR team and hiring managers. We provide a fast, cost-effective and reliable service that integrates with your process.