Large companies have a recognized brand in the market and typically thousands of employees scattered in different offices and countries. These giants have very structured and defined recruitment processes and extensive HR departments that include recruiters divided into areas of expertise that support the different business divisions. The challenge for these companies is not so much attracting candidates (indeed very often they have too many), but being able to distinguish and choose the best candidates and making sure that established recruiting processes and practices do not become an obstacle to achieving that goal. The  cultural fit aspects are very important, but so is the ability to identify very specialized people because candidates with too generalist approach are generally unhappy with filling a very defined role and tend to leave large companies in the short to medium term. The recruiting function is critical to the continued success of large companies, yet it often risks becoming the first casualty of business that is unable to innovate and keep up with the times, as it is too slow and cumbersome to update. ExpHire has identified a number of problems related to recruiting in large companies and offers itself as a complementary partner to accompany corporations in their hiring processes without pretending to disrupt them, but simply we are going to add an additional, unbiased voice to the decision-making process. ExpHire is able to work with large companies with tailored offers and plans that not only address the selection of new resources, but also invest in the assessment of the skills and potential of existing ones through the use of our network of Technical and Behavioral Experts.

Recruiting Challenges for Corporations

Hire Without Bias

Corporations can become closed circles in which only internal referrals are considered, excluding viable candidates who have no direct contact with existing workers

Avoid Intertia

Inertia is big problem in large companies, sometimes it results in hiring a person just because the one who held that position resigned without assessing the current business needs

Reduce Workload

Hiring managers are frustrated by too much time spent on never ending recruiting processes with too many steps and are taken away from managing the business, team, and growth

Avoid Politics

Corporations can be very political workplaces where the personal agendas of hiring managers may not coincide with the best hiring decisions and what is best in general for the company

The Solution

ExpHire helps large companies solve these problems and many more: 

  • ExpHire’s Experts don’t consider candidates who have an internal referral, or who attended a certain university or belong to a certain club to be better, they simply judge different candidates impartially, externally and disinterestedly, ensuring that the person with the best qualities gets the job (not the one with the right connections)
  • ExpHire helps you fight corporate inertia, the one that leads you to do things because they have always been done that way, to open a position only because the person who owns it is about to leave the company. Our Experts bring a fresh look and an objective and unbiased point of view helping large companies keep up with the times and changes of professional figures, we are also able to support you in the processes of assessing the current workforce and analyzing the potential of your workers
  • ExpHire’s Technical Experts help reduce the number of internal interviews and tests that need to be conducted by hiring managers and their teams, allowing them to come in contact with only the most qualified and promising candidates and save time to devote to their day-to-day work
  • Large companies can become big monsters in which, internal politics, power centers and personal sights do not coincide with the corporate good and this reverberates negatively with situations that do not always respect the principle of ‘bar raising’ (hiring only more competent and qualified people than us), adding ExpHire to the selection process with its Experts who have no personal interest is a guarantee of fairness and effectiveness in identifying the best candidates.


Our recruiting packages are designed to cover the most common needs, but we think there are two more likely scenarios for a corporation: the first is a complete selection process (SELECT package) where you do the candidate sourcing and we take care of the rest of the process collaborating with your internal recruiters and hiring managers, the second is a last round where you want to make sure you hire the right person and there is no bias in the selection process (FINAL ROUND package). If you are having problems with a specific step in the selection process you can simply take advantage of the single related service offered by ExpHire using the CUSTOM package and get eventual volume discounts. Below you see the prices and advantageous introductory promotion dedicated to Corporations (see FAQs at the bottom of the page to learn about the eligibility criteria for the promotion) with discounts of up to €300 on our already very competitive prices. Please be aware that our prices are fixed and do not change based on the salary of the positions you are recruiting for.


Assign ExpHire the entire process
  • Meeting + ExpHire recruiting canvas
  • Job description writing
  • Job Posting and highlight with sponsored job posting
  • Direct sourcing of inactive/passive candidates
  • Initial CV Screening (up to 150)
  • Shortlist of top candidates (up to 6 with notes)
  • Technical Expert interviews (up to 4 candidates)
  • Tests to candidates and reviews with notes (up to 4)
  • Extend offer support/Salary benchmarking
  • Technical reference check calls (up to 4)
  • ADD ONs available


You do the sourcing, ExpHire does the rest
  • Meeting + ExpHire recruiting canvas
  • Job description review and notes
  • Review shortlist of top candidates (up to 6 with notes)
  • Technical Expert interviews (up to 4 candidates)
  • Tests to candidates and reviews with notes (up to 4)
  • Extend offer support/Salary benchmarking
  • Technical reference check calls (up to 4)
  • ADD ONs available


Last check on the final candidates
  • Meeting + ExpHire recruiting canvas
  • Review shortlist of top candidates (up to 3 with notes)
  • Technical Expert interviews (to the 2 final candidates)
  • Extend offer support/Salary benchmarking
  • Technical reference check calls (up to 3)
  • ADD ONs available


You decide how we can help
  • Meeting + ExpHire recruiting canvas
  • Job description writing
  • Job Posting and highlight
  • Scrrenings
  • Experts interviews
  • Tests to candidates
  • Extend offer support/Salary benchmarking
  • ADD ONs available


From The BLOG

Corporations FAQs

You can take advantage of dedicated Corporations discounts on our three recruitment packages up to a maximum of 10 times per package, beyond that normal list prices (still very competitive) are applied. If your company have a turnover for the previous year lower than 200 million Euros (or equivalent) scale-ups or startups discounts will apply.

Normally corporations have an HR department and different people dedicated to recruiting. Corporation tend to have a big number of CV submissions therefore we believe that the best packages for this type of company are SELECT and FINAL ROUND, however there are very specialized positions where a corporation may struggle to attract a sufficient amount of applications, in which case it might make sense to outsource the complete process and choose the FULL package.

You may have identified within your normal selection process a weakness, an element that needs to change to reduce time spent on an activity, related costs, or to improve effectiveness. Let’s give 2 examples: 1. you waste too much time screening hundreds of CVs and/or you are not qualified to understand technical profiles thoroughly, our Technical Experts can take on this job 2. you would like to do technical tests to the shortlist of candidates, but no one in the company has the time to create them and judge the results, one of our Technical Experts can do it for you.

The simple answer is yes.
ExpHire can work with large companies on what we call Special Projects.
Sometimes internal reorganization processes are needed, and a qualified external, disinterested eye is what we offer with both our Technical and Behavioral Experts.
We can interview your current employees, we can test them, and in cases of corporate restructuring we can even issue a Third Party Expert assessment to the redundant employee (to be used as a tool to evaluate future career options). Schedule a call with us to discuss a Special Project.

Traditionally, when you want to outsource your recruiting process, you turn to a recruiting/headhunting agency. These are rather expensive services that fail to significantly reduce the risks involved in hiring a new team member and the workload of the internal hiring process. ExpHire is different: we leverage a network of experts (in hard and soft skills) who help you identify the best possible candidate based on experience and who will reduce your internal recruiting efforts by at least 50%. Learn more on our Why ExpHire? dedicated page.

Suppose you are hiring an Affiliation manager to add to your marketing team. ExpHire provides you with an expert who has at least 5 years of experience in affiliate marketing and is therefore able to understand the real capabilities of each of your candidates throughout the process (CV screening, interviewing, testing, technical background check, offer phase). In addition, we can also provide soft skills experts (psychologists) to test and assess the behavioral aspects of top candidates as well.

We believe that the key to a successful hiring process is a balance between 4 elements: hard skills, potential, soft skills/attitude and cultural fit. Our technical Experts evaluate skills and potential, our psychology Experts evaluate soft skills/attitude, but you are the only one who can judge the cultural fit. This means that although we will offload you of the majority of the work we will still have to collaborate to assure the most successful placements.

We offer a different and, in our opinion, more useful type of service. We are able to keep our prices low because we are an entirely digital company, we have no offices, our Experts are busy during office hours with their daily work, and they only work with ExpHire to earn some extra money and as a form of “giving back.” Also remember that, unlike most headhunters, we do not work with “success fees”-we are a service provider and you pay for the services you request. Visit the prices page for more info.

We are a digital company founded by people who have made their careers in the online world, so for the time being we focus on roles that relate to the digital sector. Some might argue that everything is digital today, true, and we can help you with hiring processes in these areas: marketing, sales and business development, product and project management, software development, data and analytics, customer success and customer service, business and strategy management, creative and design, social, content and editorial, IT, systems, cloud and security. More information on this topic can be found on the Areas of Expertise page.