Headhunters are among the most abused job categories in the world, everyone complains about them: candidates, clients (internal recruiters and hiring managers) and even journalists and online haters. 

The role of the headhunter is not easy, because they are somehow always ‘in between’ (candidates and clients) and are constantly under intense pressure to achieve results. We have written a blog article about these topics.

Over the years, it has become entrenched on the part of many clients to expect headhunters to be wizards ready to magically solve companies’ recruitment problems in the most diverse areas and with the positions that internal recruitment departments for one reason or another have failed to fill on their own.

In short, headhunters are expected to be all-rounders who solve every problem; the possibility of failure when expectations are so high and sometimes unreasonable is very high.

Adding to this unedifying picture is the pressure to close active positions as quickly as possible, both by client demand and in order to collect the success fee and pay expenses as soon as possible.

ExpHire is a valuable solution that complements headhunting  services and supports external recruiters in solving many of the day-to-day problems of your business. All while remaining completely transparent in the eyes of your clients (we can work in white label). ExpHire ensures greater satisfaction and loyalty over time from your clients.

Recruiting Challenges for Headhunters

Reduce Overwork

Too many open positions (and diverse roles) to handle simultaneously with multiple clients with different needs and ways of working

Can't be Einstein

Not comfortable with having to sourcing and screening extremely technical figures for whom they do not feel prepared (no one is a human Wikipedia)

Avoid Smoke Profiles

Frustrated with candidates who shine with their CV and can sell themselves in an initial interview, but turn out to be a poor match in the eyes of clients

Keep Clients Happy

Disappointed by failed placements that don't pass the probation period. Besides losing the success fee (or part of it) the client relationship is compromised

The Solution

ExpHire helps headhunters solve all these problems:

  • Our network of Experts is large and scalable and also covers very specialized niches of work and roles, this allows you to rely on them when you have peak workloads with multiple and pressing positions
  • Our Technical Experts have gained the experience over the years in the field to assess profiles for even the most complex and specialized roles, let them do the technical screening work while you take care of the aptitude and cultural fit assessment 
  • ExpHire’s method is based on impartial assessment of technical skills; with our Experts, candidates who ‘sell smoke’ are identified and discarded so that you can present clients with only those of quality and who really meet their requirements
  • The placement failure rate is lower due to the fact that our Experts select only the best candidates who have the technical skills needed to actually do the job, so there are fewer surprises after hiring, this makes you stand out in the eyes of your clients as a recruitment partner to continue working with over time
  • Our services are white labeled and thus represent an upsell opportunity to what you are already doing, by offering our services to your clients under your brand you will also come across as different from your competitors and innovative in your recruitment approach!


Our recruiting packages are designed to cover the most common needs of different types of clients, but we think there are two packages that are most attractive to Headhunters: the first is a selection process that does not include the candidate sourcing part that remains your responsibility (SELECT package) and in which we take care of the rest of the process by staying ‘behind the scenes’; the second is based on your specific needs and gaps to be filled in your selection processes or opportunities to upsell additional services to your clients (CUSTOM package).  

ExpHire allows you with the CUSTOM package to get volume discounts, increasing your potential margin, in short if you want to prepay for 20 technical interviews or 30 developer tests with related reviews you save compared to buying one…

Below are the prices and the advantageous introductory promotion dedicated to headhunters (see the FAQ at the bottom of the page for promotion eligibility criteria) with discounts of up to €500 off our already very competitive prices. 

Remember that our prices are fixed and do not change based on the salary of the positions you are recruiting for and that we can act transparently with respect to your end clients.


Assign ExpHire the entire process
  • Meeting + ExpHire recruiting canvas
  • Job description writing
  • Job Posting and highlight with sponsored job posting
  • Direct sourcing of inactive/passive candidates
  • Initial CV Screening (up to 150)
  • Shortlist of top candidates (up to 6 with notes)
  • Technical Expert interviews (up to 4 candidates)
  • Tests to candidates and reviews with notes (up to 4)
  • Extend offer support/Salary benchmarking
  • Technical reference check calls (up to 4)
  • ADD ONs available


You do the sourcing, ExpHire does the rest
  • Meeting + ExpHire recruiting canvas
  • Job description review and notes
  • Review shortlist of top candidates (up to 6 with notes)
  • Technical Expert interviews (up to 4 candidates)
  • Tests to candidates and reviews with notes (up to 4)
  • Extend offer support/Salary benchmarking
  • Technical reference check calls (up to 4)
  • ADD ONs available


Last check on the final candidates
  • Meeting + ExpHire recruiting canvas
  • Review shortlist of top candidates (up to 3 with notes)
  • Technical Expert interviews (to the 2 final candidates)
  • Extend offer support/Salary benchmarking
  • Technical reference check calls (up to 3)
  • ADD ONs available


You decide how we can help
  • Meeting + ExpHire recruiting canvas
  • Job description writing
  • Job Posting and highlight
  • Scrrenings
  • Experts interviews
  • Tests to candidates
  • Extend offer support/Salary benchmarking
  • ADD ONs available


From The BLOG

Headhunters FAQs

You can take advantage of dedicated Headhunters discounts on our three recruitment packages up to a maximum of 10 times per package, beyond that, normal list prices (still very competitive) are applied. Consider CUSTOM package for bespoke services and volume discounts.

Headhunters know their business very well, their areas of expertise their own strengths and weaknesses, and understand what customers’ demands and needs they cannot currently meet. For these reasons we believe that the best package for this type of business is CUSTOM; simply choose what you need to provide a better and more comprehensive service to your clients from a menu of ‘a la carte’ ExpHire services. Buy more and pay less, it’s simple.

You may have identified within your normal selection process a weakness, an element that needs to change to reduce time spent on an activity, related costs, or to improve effectiveness. Let’s give 2 examples: 1. you waste too much time screening hundreds of CVs and/or you are not qualified to understand technical profiles thoroughly, our Technical Experts can take on this job 2. you would like to do technical tests to the shortlist of candidates, but no one in the agency or at the client office has the time/skills to create them and judge the results, one of our Technical Experts can do it for you.

Traditionally, when you want to outsource your recruiting process, you turn to a recruiting/headhunting agency. These are rather expensive services that fail to significantly reduce the risks involved in hiring a new team member and the workload of the internal hiring process. ExpHire is different: we leverage a network of experts (in hard and soft skills) who help you identify the best possible candidate based on experience and who will reduce your internal recruiting efforts by at least 50%. Learn more on our Why ExpHire? dedicated page.

Suppose you are hiring an Affiliation manager to add to your marketing team. ExpHire provides you with an expert who has at least 5 years of experience in affiliate marketing and is therefore able to understand the real capabilities of each of your candidates throughout the process (CV screening, interviewing, testing, technical background check, offer phase). In addition, we can also provide soft skills experts (psychologists) to test and assess the behavioral aspects of top candidates as well.

We believe that the key to a successful hiring process is a balance between 4 elements: hard skills, potential, soft skills/attitude and cultural fit. Our technical Experts evaluate skills and potential, our psychology Experts evaluate soft skills/attitude, but you are the only one who can judge the cultural fit. This means that although we will offload you of the majority of the work we will still have to collaborate to assure the most successful placements.

We offer a different and, in our opinion, more useful type of service. We are able to keep our prices low because we are an entirely digital company, we have no offices, our Experts are busy during office hours with their daily work, and they only work with ExpHire to earn some extra money and as a form of “giving back.” Also remember that, unlike most headhunters, we do not work with “success fees”-we are a service provider and you pay for the services you request. Visit the prices page for more info.

We are a digital company founded by people who have made their careers in the online world, so for the time being we focus on roles that relate to the digital sector. Some might argue that everything is digital today, true, and we can help you with hiring processes in these areas: marketing, sales and business development, product and project management, software development, data and analytics, customer success and customer service, business and strategy management, creative and design, social, content and editorial, IT, systems, cloud and security. More information on this topic can be found on the Areas of Expertise page.