We have built ExpHire to be a flexible, transparent, and easy-to-use service and tool.  

It all starts with your hiring project, and your needs, which can be for an entire recruiting process, a partial one (with you sourcing the candidates) or a final check on the best candidates, or even a custom project based on your bespoke needs.

Once you make your choice, the project begins with an account creation and an initial meeting with your ExpHire account manager to define the project and its timeline. 

Second step is the matching with the right Expert for the recruiting project.

The work begins with the creation of the ExpHire Recruiting Canvas, a document that defines the project requirements and objectives.

One of our account managers follows you through all phases of the recruitment project, and a dedicated online app allows you to exchange information with your Experts and track the progress of the selection process.

The reasons for using ExpHire are many and you can discover them here.

The areas of expertise and roles we can help you fill are a multitude and you can find them on this page.

ExpHire Recruitment Canvas

We are a startup and have the ambition to innovate and create disruption in the world of recruitment.

Startups use the Lean Canvas to identify on one page all the main and fundamental elements that characterize their business.

We think that hiring a person is in a way like founding a startup: there are many risks and uncertainties that need to be mitigated by carefully planned and executed recruitment. 

This is why we decided to create our innovative ExpHire Recruitment Canvas, a document that clearly defines the recruiting blueprint for each specific role and aims to achieve what we call Company>Role>Candidate Fit, which is nothing less than success in identifying the best possible candidate for your search (and is the analogue of the Product>Market Fit of startups).

An example of filled Exphire recruitment canvas

Our Modular Approach

The recruiting process can easily be reduced to a series of steps, of small bricks that make it up, we call them Recruitment Building Blocks. 

We offer our clients packages (FULL, SELECT and FINAL ROUND) that are composed of these Building Blocks according to common usage scenarios, in short they are a simple and intuitive way to start using ExpHire. 

True to our ambition to be transparent and to offer maximum flexibility, we offer you the possibility to build your own customized package starting right from the Recruitment Building Blocks and purchasing only the services that you consider useful for your specific use case. The Building Blocks are of two types CORE and ADD ONs, the former are classic and foundational elements of a recruiting process, the latter are activities that help you refine and improve recruitment results.

Core Building Blocks

Role Assessment

It all starts with an initial review of your needs. An online meeting with an account manager and your Expert to get the ExpHire Recruiting Canvas, a document to asses what we call the Company/Role/Candidate Fit.

Job Description

Based on the ExpHire Recruiting Canvas and the vertical professional knowledge of the Expert assigned to your project we write/edit a stellar Job description. If you want we can source the candidate for you (or not), your choice.

CVs Screening

Your assigned Expert takes over the time consuming CVs screening process, (this is a qualified human review, not a CV parser…). We also provide an in depth CV analysis complete with written notes for the best candidates.

Candidates Interviews

The Expert interviews the most promising candidates (or those you select) with our proprietary ExpHire interview method that focuses on skills, past experience, growth potential and practical cases.

Tests Creation&Review

The Expert creates a test to assess the candidates’ actual skills, reviews the results and shares them with you. We can also provide a psychological test to better understand candidates’ soft skills.

Salary Benchmarking

We help you identify the best salary range and offer for a specific role, based on market data, Experts knowledge and local trends. We also support you with the final offer to extend to the successful candidate.

ADD ONs Building Blocks

Candidate Sourcing

Although included in our FULL package, sourcing is completely optional with us. We are ready to help you with anonymous job posting on the main job boards and direct sourcing inactive candidates with LinkedIn, Github and similar services.

Soft Skills Interview

We can match you with a Behavioral Expert, a psychologist with experience in recruiting and assessment of soft skills, work attitude and potential of candidates. We suggest to perform this check only on the final candidates.

Soft Skills Test

We are able to submit a test to candidates to asses their behavioral traits and understand the possible fit in the existing team (right mix of personalities). We suggest to perform this check only on the final candidates and eventually follow with a soft skills interview. 

Reference Checks

Experts are able to perform reference checks calls with previous employers of a selected candidate. Technical Experts will focus on the hard skills and the work experience, whilst Behavioral Experts can inquire about work attitude and soft skills.

Language Fluency

Sometimes candidates demonstrate a good command of the language during interviews that is then not found during daily work practice, this happens due to the standard nature of responses during an interview. We conduct a language fluency check interview.

Other Services

We are open to discuss other additional services and activities to perform in your behalf that can leverage the experience of of our Experts. We can also work on special projects where we help you identify skills in your existing workforce.

Our Client App

We know that managing as an internal recruiter, hiring manager and/or head hunter several positions at once can be difficult and frustrating. 

For this reason, we have created a desktop and mobile application to manage the ExpHire selection process with confidence, simplicity and clarity. 

In our app you find all the materials related to the selection project, the status of the process is continuously updated, and actions to be taken to move the process forward are highlighted (e.g., after an interview, our Expert uploads his/her notes/feedback and assigns them to the client for review).


Documents are exchanged and even signed through our application, and invoices and payments are handled within it (visible only to authorized members of your team).


No more paper, emails, and lost messages, every recruiting project has its own home with the ExpHire’s app!

Our Definition of Success

Success by etymological definition establishes something that has happened, in the past. 

In the recruitment world, the success fee is often used as a business model (in many cases together with some fixed costs), which is the practice of paying the external recruiter at the moment an offer is accepted (or worker first day).

We believe that this is one of the main causes of the general dissatisfaction of all those involved in the recruiting process: candidates feel treated as a number by headhunters who are pressured to get to success (placement) as quickly as possible in order to cash out and move on to the next client or to prioritize the position and client with the most attractive fee and that allows the headhunter to pay the month’s rent.

As you may have guessed from reading this far, at ExpHire we have the ambition to fix the recruiting process once and for all, and we do by disrupting the business model as well. Ours are services, there is a menu from which to choose what services are right for you, and you pay for the services provided. Simple.

This approach guarantees everyone involved in the recruiting process: candidates feel valued for their professional qualities and potential, they don’t feel pressure or that they are among ‘the many’, clients are assured of the goodness of the process that doesn’t aim to get a person hired at all costs and in the shortest possible time, but entices them to dig deeper to make the best choice, hiring managers get resources that are more likely to pass the probationary period and that are a fit for the company the role and the team, therefore with a lower churn rate.

We Respect Privacy

Privacy is important to us, and at ExpHire we have to continually deal with personal data of candidates and clients. We are very serious and disciplined in this regard; we are a European company that has to take into account the rules dictated by the GDPR in this regard.

For this reason, we have studied with our lawyers solutions that allow the proper passing and processing of personal data, their use and storage during the recruiting process and their destruction at the end of each individual project. 

We are not building a database of CVs and profiles, nor do we care, we do not want to fish in the pile or re-propose ‘warmed-up candidates’ from other positions for your project and therefore we respect the privacy of our users.


General FAQs

We have an innovative and cost-effective recruiting solution based on a proprietary method and leveraging a network of impartial and competent Experts (hard skills and soft skills). We help start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs and corporations find the best talent to fill open positions. We have a solution also for (smart) headhunters.

Traditionally, when you want to outsource your recruiting process, you turn to a recruiting/headhunting agency. These are rather expensive services that fail to significantly reduce the risks involved in hiring a new team member and the workload of the internal hiring process. ExpHire is different: we leverage a network of Experts (hard and soft skills) who help you identify the best possible candidate based on experience and who will reduce your internal recruiting efforts by at least 50%. Learn more about us on our Why ExpHire? dedicated page.

Suppose you are hiring an Affiliation manager to add to your marketing team. ExpHire provides you with an Expert who has at least 5 years of experience in affiliate marketing and is therefore able to understand the real capabilities of each of your candidates throughout the process (CV screening, interviews, tests, technical background check, offer phase). In addition, we can also provide soft skills Experts (psychologists) to test and assess the behavioral aspects of top candidates as well.

We believe that the key to a successful hiring process is a balance between 4 elements: hard skills, potential, soft skills/attitude and cultural fit. Our technical Experts evaluate skills and potential, our psychology Experts evaluate soft skills/attitude, but you are the only one who can judge the cultural fit. This means that although we will offload you of the majority of the work we will still have to collaborate to assure the most successful placements.

We offer a different and, in our opinion, more useful type of service. We are able to keep our prices low because we are an entirely digital company, we have no offices and limited fixed expenses, our Experts are busy during office hours with their daily work, and they only work with ExpHire to earn some extra money and as a form of “giving back.” Also remember that, unlike most headhunters, we do not work with “success fees” we are a service provider and you pay for the services you request. Visit the prices page for more info.

We are a digital company founded by people who have made their career growth in the online world, so for the time being we focus on roles that relate to the digital sector. Someone might argue that everything is digital today, true, and therefore we can help you with hiring processes in these areas: marketing, sales and business development, product and project management, software development, data and analytics, customer success and customer service, business and strategy management, creative and design, social, content and editorial, IT, systems, cloud and security. More information on this topic can be found on the Areas of Expertise page.

Please visit our full FAQ page and don’t hesitate to contact us.