Funnily enough the original idea for ExpHire was born a few years ago during a recruiting process. 

My name is Fabrizio Parzanese and I am the founder and CEO of ExpHire,  I have almost 20 years of work experience, I worked in marketing, strategy, product, business development for start-ups, scale-ups and big international corporations,  but enough about me, back to my recruiting process and how the ExpHire concept came to my mind. 

I was contacted by a headhunter for a job in London at a very prestigious international consultancy company and, after a few interview rounds with the client, I was tasked to make a presentation for the final step of the process. 

The assignment was to analyze a digital business/product and find potential improvements for it. I decided to focus on the recruiting industry and to propose the concept of ExpHire: hire talents with experts help. 

I was hired for that position! 

Fast forward a few years. 

I had gone through many work experiences covering roles of growing responsibilities in the digital world and I had to face all the struggles and the pains of the recruiting world.

I felt all the pains as a candidate, as a hiring manager and as a client of external recruiters. 

Frankly I’ve seen it all and I realized that the recruiting process is in desperate need of a disruption, something that fundamentally changes the way we approach it and so I decided to found ExpHire – Find Talent with Experts Help. 

I’ve also written a book that is the manifesto for the ExpHire philosophy and methodology.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is simple, direct and very ambitious, all of this in just 2 words!

Recruitment. Fixed.

Yes, but what does it mean? 

We all have experienced the struggles of the recruitment process wearing some of the different hats: the candidate, the internal recruiter, the headhunter, the hiring manager. Everyone is unhappy and unsatisfied and everyone is blaming each other for something that, let’s face it, simply doesn’t work. It needs to be fixed. ExpHire wants to fundamentally change the way we deal with a recruiting process and we won’t stop until we fix it!

Our mission is all about the way we intend to change and fix the hiring world.

We enable you to reach Company>Role>Candidate Fit by leveraging unbiased Experts throughout the recruiting process with the goal to find the best talent.

The keyword here is ‘unbiased experts’. We are introducing a new actor in the process, someone who doesn’t have a vested interest and is able to evaluate the candidates by speaking their language (hard skills) and by understanding their attitude (soft skills).

Our Values


We are passionate about what we do, we believe we can change the recruitment world, we will work hard and put our heart and soul till we do it.


We respect each other, the clients and the candidates. We believe diversity in every form can enrich us, we are unbiased and we don’t pre-judge.


We take work seriously and we are accountable for what we do, we drive initiatives and take responsibility. We celebrate success and we analyze failure.


We bring value to the clients and to the candidates. We strive for Company>Role>Candidate Fit. We underpromise and overdeliver.


We are open and upfront, we don’t hide anything to anyone. We are clear and effective in our work and communication. We collaborate, we share, we learn.


We are creative, we find unseen solutions, we are unafraid to try new things, we experiment. Innovation is in our DNA and we help it spread within and outside the company.

Why Choose Us

Hire with Experts Help

We use only verified and vetted Experts with at least 5+ years of experience in the field you are hiring (hard skills) and labor psychologists.

Unbiased Experts

Our Experts are completely unbiased and impartial, they have no interest in favoring a candidate over another. They evaluate on the basis of merits.

Candidates Love Us

Great experience for candidates, who like to talk to someone who speaks their language (hard skills). Experts arrange interviews outside office hours.

Do Less Work

We reduce the workload of the internal HR team and hiring managers. We provide a fast, cost-effective and reliable service that integrates with your process.

For more information about ExpHire please get in touch with us.